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Stop The Bleed Kit


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  • Image of Stop The Bleed Kit

#StopTheBleed - IFAK - Blow-Out Kit. Contains CAT Gen7 Tourniquet. Israeli Bandage. SWAT T Tourniquet

For me these are the core items of kit needed to control major haemorrhage. CAT Gen7 is the industry leader and proven beyond doubt, Israeli Bandage is by far the most capable haemostatic dressing we have ever used and the SWAT T Tourniquet offers a second control option with the CAT but also solves the age-old problem of paediatric application. The SWAT T's low profile means it can be carried daily without the bulk - I have one in my back jeans pocket day-in-day-out.

This is not the complete answer but is what we carry every day, at the range or in a conflict environment.

Add some of the Celox products to the equation and you have a seriously competent kit.

Additional Items can be included in line with the drop-downs at extra cost.

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